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Informal and non-formal competences matching devise for migrants' employability and active citizenship

18 March 2011

Adult learning is a central task for the 21st century – conference In Budapest discusses results of EU action plan

Over three days experts from the world of adult education discussed the EU's Adult Learning Action Plan, at a conference in Budapest, 7-9 March. The conference underlined the need for adult learning, more than ever before, to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe, as part of its economic recovery, and in response to its ageing, multicultural and constantly changing societies. Participants agreed that future priorities should concentrate on enabling adults cope with change and transitions in their lives and jobs. One of the main issues highlighted was how to achieve efficient expansion of the sector at a time of economic austerity.

More information available at: http://ec.europa.eu/education/news/news2835_en.htm

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