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Informal and non-formal competences matching devise for migrants' employability and active citizenship

P9: Centra RS za poklicno izobraževanje

Acronym: CPI

The Slovenian Institute for Vocational Education and Training is a public institution founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and co-founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia in 1995. In accordance with the basis provided by the Organization and Financing of Education Act (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia, No 12/96), the Institute conducts research, development and consulting, and is a place where the state interests and social partners meet, harmonise with one another and connect within the field of vocational and technical education.
The following are the Institute’s main areas of operation:
  • studying development trends in the labour market and preparation of occupation profiles as well as competently conceived occupational standards,
  • development of methodologies and preparation of modern, module-based education programmes for pre-secondary and secondary vocational education and secondary and college expert education,
  • monitoring the process of the introduction of education programmes, evaluation of final examinations and development of new methodical and didactical concepts of knowledge, learning and teaching,
  • training and improvement of knowledge in teachers, professionals and mentors in the framework of vocational and technical education, and provision of professional support and counselling to providers of vocational and technical education,
  • stimulation and coordination of various development and innovation projects in vocational and technical schools,
  • development of modern education tools and education technology,
  • participation in professional organisations and EU networks dealing with vocational and technical education.

The following organisations operate within the Slovenian National Institute for Vocational Education and Training:
  • National Reference Point (NRP)
  • Slovenian Quality Assurance Reference Point for vocational education and training – SIQAVET
  • National Europass Centre
  • National Observatory of Slovenia

The Institute also acts as a national coordinator for the European TT-net network as well as the national representative for Euroskills.


Centra RS za poklicno izobraževanje CPI
Ob zeleznici, 16
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 1 5864270 – 5864263
Fax: +386 1 5422 045
Website: www.cpi.si

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