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Informal and non-formal competences matching devise for migrants' employability and active citizenship

P1: Fondazione Giacomo Rumor Centro Produttività Veneto


The “Fondazione Giacomo Rumor Centro Produttività Veneto – CPV” has been operating for over 50 years; it began in 1952 with the Marshall Plan experiments. CPV became a Foundation in 1994 on the initiative of the then Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Vicenza; its founders and supporters include five Chambers of Commerce from the Veneto Region (Vicenza, Padua, Treviso, Venice and Verona), the Council of the Province of Vicenza, the main Trade Associations and State and private bodies.

CPV's main activities are:

Training activities: courses and seminars
CPV organises short-term training courses addressed to companies, public bodies and other institutions. Long-term training courses for unemployed are mainly financed by the European Social Fund and other programmes financed by the European Commission (such as ecological auditing, open and distance learning and female entrepreneurship), inter-firm exchanges of best practices (Study Groups) and information services (Technological Information Counter and New Enterprise Information Desk). The areas covered by both activities are general management, technology, marketing, cost-accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship and public administration.

Information activities: conferences, conventions and Study Groups thematic trips
The Study Groups constitute the backbone of CPV and they aim at promoting the exchange of information and knowledge between entrepreneurs, managers and technicians by organising conferences, meetings and study visits. The Study Groups that are presently active are: General Management, Trade and Marketing Management, Production Organisation, Company Administration, Automation and Information Technology, Foundry-Technologies, Mechanic Technologies, Sheet-Metal working, Environment and Safety, Public Administration and Agriculture.

Assistance from the Technological Information Counter
The counter helps companies with patents, quality and certification, technical regulations and innovation. The Patent Information Office provides the following services:
  • Complete texts of the European Patent Office Files
  • Patent researches for companies
  • Publications of patents filed on a certain subject, on subscription.

Assistance from the New Enterprise Information Desk
The New Enterprise Information Desk helps aspiring entrepreneurs providing free of charge information, advice and consultancy on procedures, source of finance, training courses and market trends. The NEID also assists new entrepreneurs in preparing their own business plan.

International activities and European Community projects
CPV is a member of the European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANCP) and of CIOS (World Council of Management). From 1984, it co-operates with the German National Productivity Centre (RKW). The Centro Produttività is a partner in many international co-operation projects funded by the European Commission and by the Italian Government.


Fondazione Giacomo Rumor – Centro Produttività Veneto
Via E. Montale, 27
36100 Vicenza
Tel: +39 444 994 700
Fax: +39 444 994 710
Website: www.cpv.org

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