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Informal and non-formal competences matching devise for migrants' employability and active citizenship

P7: KCH International

Acronym: KCH

Kenniscentrum Handel (KCH) is the Centre of Expertise for the retail, wholesale and international trade sector. Working in collaboration with companies, trade organizations and the vocational training sector, KCH ensures that the training courses are correctly geared to the relevant occupations and the requirements of the labour market. consists of four divisions, which all focus on the creation of conditions that encourage professional development. Kenniscentrum Handel (Centre of Expertise on vocational education, training and the labour market for the trade sector) is by far the largest of the four divisions. It contributes to a vocational education infrastructure that facilitates and stimulates professional development of human capital.
Qualifications (diploma requirements) are defined in consultation and close collaboration with representatives of employers and employee organizations, vocational educators and ‘hands-on’ experts. Companies that wish to offer apprenticeships and traineeships are supported in a practical manner so they can properly fulfil their role in the vocational education system.
KCH Examinations, KCH Human Capital Management and KCH International deliver products and services to companies, sector organizations, training institutions, government bodies and individual professionals, which facilitate and encourage the definition, assessment, planning and monitoring of professional development.
In addition to the economic need to manage human capital well in order to ensure continuity and company profitability, KCH also feels that offering opportunities for professional development is a valuable business objective within a broader social perspective.

Kenniscentrum Handel
Kenniscentrum Handel is the Centre of Expertise on vocational education, training and the labour market for the trade sector. Under mandate from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Kenniscentrum Handel performs a number of statutory tasks for the intermediate vocational education system in the Netherlands. Kenniscentrum Handel performs these tasks for the Trade and Commerce sector and, as of 2009, also for manufacturers, suppliers and traders in the Fashion, Interior design, Carpet and Textile sector, known as the MITT sector in the Netherlands.

KCH Examinations
KCH Examinations develops and maintains an examination service system together with Btg Handel (the consultation and information platform for vocational education in the Trade and Commerce sector). Examinations are drawn up and assessment instruments developed in close collaboration between teachers, professionals in the sector and employees of KCH Examinations. The system includes both professional practical exams and theoretical exams. Subscribing teaching institutions can make use of the broad range that is offered. Nearly all teaching institutions are subscribers. This way of working creates support among all the parties involved and ensures effective content and the efficient use of finances.

KCH Human Capital Management
KCH HCM supports companies when defining personnel policy and helps to analyse competencies and define career paths for employees and managers.
KCH HCM also initiates and participates in projects in which national, regional or local government bodies, industrial sectors and vocational training institutes collaborate.

KCH International
KCH International initiates and participates in international projects that investigate VET and/or labour market issues and in which institutes and experts from different countries work together. In addition, KCH international, in cooperation with national and foreign VET providers and institutions, offers VET students the possibility of completing part of their workplacement in foreign companies.


Kenniscentrum Handel
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