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Informal and non-formal competences matching devise for migrants' employability and active citizenship

P8: Zakład Doskonalenia Zawodowego w Kielcach

Acronym: ZDZ

The Vocational Education Centre (ZDZ) in Kielce is a leading vocational training institution in the Świętokrzyskie Province. The aim of its activity is to increase the professional competence of the inhabitants of the region. ZDZ is an important link of the permanent education system and the provider of lifelong learning.
The institution offers a wide variety of technical courses, schools for youth and adults as well as very popular trainings, co-financed by the European Union and the State budget. Each year thousands of people participate in courses organised by ZDZ, and over 6,000 students learn in ZDZ schools. Overall, during 60 years of its activity, the Vocational Education Centre in Kielce trained nearly 1 million of inhabitants of the region, and almost 30,000 students have graduated from ZDZ schools. These numbers make ZDZ a leader of non-public educational institutions, not only in the scale of the province but in Poland. The increasing number of students for various training courses and schools every year is the proof of confidence in the quality of services offered by ZDZ. It also shows the enormous importance of ZDZ in the sphere of human resource development in the Świętokrzyskie Region. At present ZDZ offers training courses which include Labour Safety and Hygiene, Construction, Economics and Administration, Power Engineering, Catering and Food Processing, Trade and Services, Information Technology, Foreign Language Instruction, Machine and Equipment Operation and Maintenance, Pedagogy, Transport, Agriculture, Forestry and Gardening.
ZDZ in Kielce actively participates in EU programs directed to young people. The ZDZ schools organise vocational experiences in Italy, Germany, Spain and other EU Member States mainly financed by Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates and Comenius Programmes. The Vocational Education Centre (ZDZ) has a network of 25 agencies situated in the area of 3 provinces: Świętokrzyskie, Mazowieckie and Małopolskie Voivodeships. Such a complex structure of ZDZ makes it possible to provide educational offerings to a wide group of students. ZDZ has 126 lecture rooms, 53 specialist labs, over 500 computer stations.


ZDZ Zakład Doskonalenia Zawodowego w Kielcach
ul. Paderewskiego 55
25-950 Kielce
Tel.: +48 41 366 47 91 – 41 366 48 61
Fax: +48 41 366 39 26
Website: www.zdz.kielce.pl

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